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LOCATION:30 N. Huron St.Ypsilanti, MI, 48197
PHONE: 734-485-8288
HOURS:Tues-Sat.1:00 pm – 7:00 pm
EMAIL: briteideatattoo *at* gmail.com


Feel free to swing by the shop during our open hours to talk about your tattoo idea and set up an appointment. We do take a cash deposit for an appointment, which comes out of the end cost. We are cash only.


Brite Idea Tattoo Brite Idea Tattoo Logo 3



19 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello I was looking to get some work done to a tattoo that I already have. Would I need to come in for a consultation or just need to schedule an appointment?

  2. Hello!

    I’m looking to get a piece done but am from out of town. Would it be possible to do a consultation over the phone/email?

    • Hi, Amanda, my apologies for not seeing this. I monitor this site for Zera, so not her fault, mine; and a really busy month. Possibly, but I recommend emailing the address listed. They are very responsive. It will probably mean a phone call or Skype, but should be possible.

    • Hi, Jeffrey, the best way to make an appointment for a consultation is to phone during business hours, or to email. I would phone first, and then if you have trouble getting through, try email. I will also send a message to alert them to watch for your message.

  3. Looking to schedule an appointment..this is Lauren from SC..i will be in town Aug 9-19..I have tried calling but no reply..I tried emailing but invalid email

  4. Wanting to make an appt. For after July 4..before august. ..will be in town from sc for a week…let me know..I have left a couple messages

    • Hi, Lauren! There must be some sort of snafu. Zera called you back and never got a return message. Weird, eh?Since phone is being messed up, could you please try emailing briteideatattoo [at] gmail-dot-com?

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